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What to Expect

What to expect

In the session, you will be seated or you can choose to lie down on the couch and close your eyes. I will not hypnotise you, but I will encourage relaxed state so we can reach a bit deeper to find the core issues that need resolving. These deep seated emotional and cognitive patterns are not difficult to find, partly because I know what to look for, partly because you know – even if you are not completely aware of it – what is bothering you most.

Many clients come for a few sessions only, and once we resolve what drives their binge eating, the behaviour just goes away naturally; no more bingeing and overeating. Some people choose to come for a few more sessions, if there are other areas of their life where they self-sabotaging themselves, like work, relationships or lack of motivation.

Please note that if there was a lot of pain and hurt in your life, especially your childhood, this may need to be dealt with as well; the overeating may be your way of soothing the pain. The good news is, we can deal with it quickly, after all it is just about how you see feel about the past that needs to change. And feeling more detached and more indifferent is possible to achieve for everyone.

Each time, we find the fastest and easiest way to resolve whatever stops a person from living a happier, more fulfilling and more satisfying life.

If you have any more questions, please contact me, but I suggest you just book a session and see how effective Mind detox can be.