Workshops & Talks

No talks scheduled yet for 2018. Email me for updates.

Workshop evaluations

(1) Insightful. More than I expected! I didn’t want the workshop to finish. If you are thinking of doing it, don’t hesitate! You will learn a lot about yourself and how you think and what drives you to react the way you do.

(2) I liked listening to other’s stories and how you have similar ‘issues’ to others so I didn’t feel like the ‘odd one out’. Thanks for the opportunity and respecting ‘share what you want’.

(3) I Really enjoyed the sessions and being able to discuss with others that they have similar problems to myself. I found that I am more in control of my eating and not allowing other people’s problems to effect me. I wish the course lasted longer I didn’t want it to end, I enjoyed being here with these other ladies. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends with eating disorders.

(4) It’s a great course to kick start the healing process, the insights were valuable and what I have learnt about my own perception of others. Loved it. Thank you!