How does it work?

Mind Detox program works by tuning into and changing the mental and emotional patterns that drive your stress eating. Think of it as reprogramming the problem areas of your mind. Not just telling you what and how to think but actually creating deep enough change within you – a change that you fully (emotionally) resonate with – until it becomes your ‘truth’. This will help you to feel confident, deal with stress better and stop stress eating for good.

“Mind Detox if about creating permanent, deep changes

in the way you think, respond and feel”

There are reasons why you are stress eating; you use food to soothe emotional disharmony. And there are reasons why disharmony and related emotional discomfort are there in the first place. Together we will quickly unravel these reasons and deal with them effectively, so you no longer need to use food to ‘distress’ or to keep the emotions quiet.

The stress eating / emotional eating can be permanently released that way. It is not about learning some strategies or trying not to feel. The Mind Detox is a genuine, in-depth process of changing the patterns that are working against you. It is about changing the relationship you have with yourself so you can feel centred and proud rather than fearful and ashamed.

I have worked with stress eating, binge eating and emotional eating for the last 10 years, with 100s of women and men, with great success. Don’t take my word for it, but try and judge for yourself. If you are serious about releasing the stress eating habits and changing your life for good, if you are serious about ditching the need to diet and beat up on yourself or feel ashamed and angry with your body, if you are serious about getting your health and fitness under control, then this is a necessary step to take. A step that will serve you in the future in a multitude of ways.

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Benefits of the program

You will

­- stop stress eating and overeating

– stop hiding and feeling defeated

– feel more in love with life

– care less about what others think

– feel better and look great!

– have more energy

– have more motivation

– like who you are and enjoy your life more

– feel more connected and engaged

– feel much more confident

Ready for this change?

I know what you are thinking: can it really be that simple? Will it work for me?

This is why I invite you to try Mind Detox at NO RISK: book a session and only pay if you see the benefits and want to continue.

If not, the session is on me.

Because I know you will see the results right away and, I promise, you will love them.

It takes on average 2-4 sessions on average to re-program your mind, can take a couple more if your life hasn’t been easy and there is emotional trauma to deal with

Everyone who completes my program feels better, eat better and enjoy life more.You will as well. (And almost everyone doubts it at first).

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celtic girl


I’ve looked at the bread box several times, and haven’t feel anything inside me wanting to eat it. Yay! Big step there!! I can’t believe how much control I have inside me, I am truly amazed. (txt message sent after a session #2)

Just letting you know that I’m doing really great! No urge to binge eat or throw up since we last met. I’m well aware that the urge might come back but now I feel like I have the tools to overcome it. My future looks bright, my past is not important and I’m working on putting myself first. (email, sent 6 months after finishing the program)

I am not a different person on the outside, but on the inside I have peace and I know I will lose weight slowly because I am in control of my eating. For the first time though it doesn’t matter, I like being me, I have my self-worth back and I don’t need to be different to be happy. Now I eat to live, not live to eat! (binge eating*)