Quick Fix Solutions: Do They Work?

Quick Fix Solutions: Do They Work?

We all hope for quick fix answers. Because we want things to change. And it feels that life could be so good, if the problem simply disappeared today. We don’t have time to wait to move on and we don’t want to. This is why so many people go to hypnosis and expect a single session to take all the ‘problems’ away. And because of the demand, some practitioners incite clients with a promise of miracles they simply can’t deliver.

If you have been troubled with bulimia, binge eating, anxiety or depression a ‘quick fix’ solution won’t work for one simple reason; the problem is not separate from. It is not separate from who you are, how you think, feel and react. You can’t simply isolate and remove ‘the problem’ so you can move on. And yes, it would be nice, if this was possible.

Unfortunately, the ‘problem’ does not exist in isolation from you, in fact, it is a part of everything that is you – at its base is every single perspective you hold, your beliefs and thoughts, mental pattern, coping strategies, everything that you believe about yourself and the relationship you have with the world outside of you.

This is why I always recommend a more of a comprehensive approach than a single-session-treat. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen amazing things happen in one single session – many of my clients were able to eradicate many old resentments or negative feelings or beliefs they held for a long time, in one single session. And this certainly re-directed them towards a greater sense of freedom and empowerment. But it has never not possible for a person to move from feeling trapped to feeling empowered in an hour.

This is why so called ‘quick fix solutions’, overnight healing and single hypnosis sessions don’t work at all or works only for a while. Many of my clients, who earlier undertook hypnosis, told me it worked for about a month but after that things went back to ‘normal’. And it left them with more doubt, sadly convinced that things could never improve.

If you have been in a place of quiet despair for a while, of course you want the problem to resolve quickly. And of course you feel impatient to make things work again. But to resolve binge eating or anxiety permanently, you need more than just a single magic trick. What you need is a serious conscious and subconscious make over, that rarely, if ever, can happen overnight.

I am sure you have noticed that that the actions, behaviours, thoughts and emotions seem to happen ‘automatically’. There is little control you have over your panic attacks or binge sessions. You can’t pause between every thought and make sure what you think is empowering. The thoughts, emotions, states, moods, habits seem to be arising on their own, without much conscious thought.

This is why changing things that lie outside of our awareness (what we call subconscious) is crucial to any change.You need to shift your entire mental patterning from that which creates a sense of being trapped to one of being in control. Things like your moods, the relationship with your body, your fears, your ways of relating and treating yourself, and ultimately, your thinking will all need to shift.

And then the change would be deep and fundamental. And you will recognize and know it too. You will be able to see that things changed at the subconscious level – from which you act and react – because your ‘knee jerk’ reactions are going to be positive rather than self-sabotaging.

But for the change to last, both the conscious and the subconscious need to be involved. You want the mental programming to change, but you also need to understand thoroughly how this change happens and why. You want to be aware of the fact that you are reacting differently but also know why and how you have changed. This would give you more certainty that (1) things have actually changed, and (2) you can control things even when, in the future, you start slipping back into some unwanted habits.

So yes, i do not believe in ‘quick fix’ solution to anxiety and binge eating, or nay emotional conditions. Deep change doesn’t require years or even months to take place, but to create permanent change, to gain knowledge and understanding and insight together with the subconscious shift, can’t happen overnight either.

How much time does it take? I can only speak from my own experience. And it may depend on your history and your personal situation. But I found that for Bulimia, 6-7 sessions are sufficient to resolve it permanently. For anxiety and depression (again, depending how long and how intense those are), on average it takes 4-5 sessions to resolve the problem. For binge eating, it takes 3-6, depending on your age, weight you gained and the length of your condition.

Is it worthy the investment? Only you can answer this question. Each of those conditions are not only costing you in money wasted on food or other coping strategies (shopping, alcohol, gambling), it is also affecting your health, because you live in constant stress. And importantly, it makes you waste the most important currency – the time you have in this life, the enjoyment you would miss, the connections you would not develop with people and the opportunities to thrive that you miss every day, because you are too busy worrying, feeling anxious or simply surviving.



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