What others are saying

I was stuck in a time warp of attempting to achieve personal goals and continually hitting the wall. I was referred to see Dorota as a possible alternative to the many other options which I had previously tried eg hypnosis. Dorota’s strong academic background gave me confidence in being open to this style of psychological approach, an approach quite foreign to me. (I am a cynic by nature and need something more than brochures to convince me to try something.) I was pleasantly surprised at how few sessions it took Dorota to work through the mental barriers and habits I had developed for myself over time. I found five sessions were sufficient for me to see a change in my personal thinking patterns. I now spend more time working towards my goals rather than beating myself up along the way – a much better and kinder place to be in. I continue to use the positive thinking techniques Dorota developed for me. Dorota is delightfully personable, highly skilled individual. I am glad I know her. She made a difference.(feeling stuck, addiction*)

Just letting you know that it has been four months since I saw you last time and I have some good news. We were at a wedding last weekend and my husband took some photos, I could not believe how good I looked! I can’t tell you how many kilograms I left behind, because I threw away my scales (you would be proud of me!). And I had to buy some new clothes last month, my old pants were too loose!!! It is the first time in years when I had to buy new clothes because I lost weight, it used to be the other way around. I am so happy! My husband tells me now that I am glowing. I know it sounds silly, but I feel that I am glowing. So, just wanted to say thanks!


a single session $130, concession available, please contact me for details