What others are saying

I came to see Dorota when I was feeling lost and confused about everything in my life. I was fearful and depressed*  – it was very hard on me and my family. Dorota helped me to clear the ‘clutter in my head’, and I soon started feeling much better. Every time I left her office, I felt clearer about who I am, and what I needed to do and I was actually feeling excited about doing it.


Before I met Dorota I just wanted something or someone to come and save me. Now I am making my life happen as I want it to be. And I feel proud of every little achievement. Today I make decisions about what i want and then I make it happen, rather than wait for some ‘miracle’ to happen and change things. And I know myself so much better. I recommend Dorota to everyone who feels unhappy and can’t move forward in life.


Oh, and my family is grateful too. I am so much happier and everyone seems to be much happier too! My kids are so happy!

I’ve looked at the bread box several times, and haven’t feel anything inside me wanting to eat it. Yay! Big step there!! I can’t believe how much control I have inside me, I am truly amazed. (txt message sent after a session #2)


First session – cost $110 This session takes 60 minutes  and includes initial consultation plus some transformational work; we will take time to dismantle some emotional ‘walls’ and start your journey to a full recovery. The content and work will be tailored to your particular needs and your specific situation.

Follow up session – cost $110. This session takes 45 minutes. On average, my clients need from 3 to 5 follow up sessions, depending on many personal factors like age, past experiences, trauma etc.

Concession for full time students – $95