What others are saying

Going through this process changed so much. At the back of my mind I am constantly thinking about ‘the happy’. I have that in my head now, I am happy. And last week I had the urge, it felt that I needed something to make me feel better. But there was a little voice at the back of my head, going: Really? Really? Is it really going to make you feel better? And I listened to this voice now!


It has been different and even my husband is seeing the difference. Even eating dinner now, I am eating it and then when I am full, I am stopping, whereas before I would eat everything you can find as fast as you can. All the little changes, and my husband is noticing it as well.


It does make food taste better not to have any no-nos. I haven’t lost much weight yet, but I am feeling so good that I know I will. I know that dieting and counting calories doesn’t work for me, I am just doing clean eating and eating healthy. It is more important for me to eat healthy, but not obsessing about it. I want to enjoy a bit of a cake. It feels like it is a new me, a different mindset. (excerpt from a session#5, recorded with Ella’s written permission)


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