What others are saying

Just letting you know that I’m doing really great! No urge to binge eat or throw up since we last met. I’m well aware that the urge might come back but now I feel like I have the tools to overcome it. My future looks bright, my past is not important and I’m working on putting myself first. (bulimia*)

I was stuck in a time warp of attempting to achieve personal goals and continually hitting the wall. I was referred to see Dorota as a possible alternative to the many other options which I had previously tried eg hypnosis. Dorota’s strong academic background gave me confidence in being open to this style of psychological approach, an approach quite foreign to me. (I am a cynic by nature and need something more than brochures to convince me to try something.) I was pleasantly surprised at how few sessions it took Dorota to work through the mental barriers and habits I had developed for myself over time. I found five sessions were sufficient for me to see a change in my personal thinking patterns. I now spend more time working towards my goals rather than beating myself up along the way – a much better and kinder place to be in. I continue to use the positive thinking techniques Dorota developed for me. Dorota is delightfully personable, highly skilled individual. I am glad I know her. She made a difference.(feeling stuck, addiction*)


First session – cost $110 This session takes 60 minutes  and includes initial consultation plus some transformational work; we will take time to dismantle some emotional ‘walls’ and start your journey to a full recovery. The content and work will be tailored to your particular needs and your specific situation.

Follow up session – cost $110. This session takes 45 minutes. On average, my clients need from 1 to 4 follow up sessions, depending on many personal factors like age, previous experiences, traumas etc. For most of my clients, no matter how ‘bad’ they think they are, recovery only takes a couple of sessions. For others, some unresolved trauma may require an extra time to find effective cognitive re-frames in order to release old emotional ‘burdens’.

Concession for full time students – $95