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Thank you for giving me my life back. I used to think I can’t relax and enjoy my days and now I am relaxed and enjoying my life. It was like a little vicious cycle that I was going through. Now looking back I can see how self sabotaging it was. It is also good to know that I am not really this horrible person that can’t control herself and her food. I was so sick of this fight – that’s why I came to you – I was just sick of this fight. I was sick of food consuming my thoughts every day and having such a bad impact on my life.


This process really changed everything for me, before I was looking to diet books to change myself, but without actually working up there on my happiness and confidence and that type of thing but that’s really the way to go. And I would like to say this to every girl that is buying a latest diet book: that, actually, “it is about YOU”. I am really happy that I have changed my perspective. (excerpt from an interview, recorded with Laura’s consent)


First session – cost $110 This session takes 60 minutes  and includes initial consultation plus some transformational work; we will take time to dismantle some emotional ‘walls’ and start your journey to a full recovery. The content and work will be tailored to your particular needs and your specific situation.

Follow up session – cost $110. This session takes 45 minutes. On average, my clients need from 3 to 5 follow up sessions, depending on many personal factors like age, past experiences, trauma etc.

Concession – $95