Letting go of anxiety and self-doubt

Letting go of anxiety and self-doubt

Sometimes things get hard. And in the moments when they get hard what do we do? We doubt. We question every single choice we’ve ever made. We question and doubt and question and doubt until it feels sore deep inside. And then the hurt makes us doubt even more. A vicious cycle that eats away all hope and happiness.

I could talk about it for a long time. But I won’t.

I would like you to think for a moment what it is that you want instead? In moments of doubt, what it is that you want instead?

Security? Confidence? Assurance? Self-assurance? Certainty? Certainty would feel great wouldn’t it? Certainty that all is well.

I want to feel certain that things will work out, that they generally do, that things are working out, that my decisions are good, that they have been good, that everything I did was the right things to do, that everything I didn’t do was the right thing to leave undone, that there is some sense in the steps I took, decisions I made, in all past actions, in all inactions, procrastinations and rushed choices.

This is what you want.  Certainty and reassurance. That all is well. That somehow, on some level it all makes sense. That there is some perfection in all this imperfect life.

But how to get to this point of certainty? Much easier than you think. Next time insecurity rears its head, ask yourself. What would I like to replace it with?

You may come with the following answer.

I want to let the doubt go. I want to replace it with loving my choices. Loving all of my choices, loving all of my decisions. Loving every single decision and every choice I made in my life.

Just feel for a moment how it feels to say this. To decide to simply love every single choice you made in the past. Good and bad. They are gone after all, can’t make different choices in the past. So what if you just love them in the here and now.

Imagine how it feels. How would it feel if you could love all your choices and all your past decisions. All of them, no exception. How would it feel if you could just adore every ingle decision you made, because it was yours and because you made it. No analysing, no questioning, no doubting, no insecurities, no double guessing or questioning.

Just some brief moments of love towards all you have ever done. All of it. How would it feel if you could just love everything you are, just for a moment, your sensitivity, your weaknesses, your strengths, your everything. Just for a moment…


Photo Credit: “Doubt”, © 2008 Beshef, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio



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