Did your bingeing get worse at Easter?

Did your bingeing get worse at Easter?

As Easter is drawing to the end, families and friends are making their way home, recipe books are being put away and leftovers neatly stored in the fridge. For many of us it was a nice break, catching up with family and friends or taking advantage of the glorious weather and spending time in nature.

Sadly, for many, the chocolate-y temptations, the abundance of food, and in particular the lack of control over what is being served and eaten at family gatherings, spiked the pattern of bingeing on food. The tension starts days before the holiday, with fearful anticipation of ‘bad’ foods being served and sweets being available, with tension of having to manage festivities somehow, without giving away the ‘secret’ bingeing or overeating habits.

For these who struggle to keep their eating habits under control, the getting together and the celebration is almost never joyful. Cakes and chocolate might be easy to resist when every one is around the table, but later, alone on the kitchen, the lure may prove too much. Eating alone, faster than necessary, hiding from others in shame, many ended Easter with endless guilt, shame and disappointment. But also a relief, that the temptation and distress will soon be gone.

If you are this person, or know someone who can’t break the cycle of bingeing and overeating, please understand, it doesn’t have to continue. There are many ways to deal with it and many solutions, the Mind Detox program is just one of many available. Start with a simple understanding; it is not your fault, you are not weak, you are not alone and it is not about food. It is about mental patterns that can be discovered and changed.

Allow yourself to find a way to change those patterns and free yourself from this horrific and constant distress. And then, the next opportunity to get together with friends will be a truly happy one. I wish that for you with my whole heart, because it can be done.

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