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Easiest way to re-program your mind

Easiest way to re-program your mind

Deepak Chopra once said that if we just ask a question, the universe has to answer. I must add that from the psychological and even physiological point of view, this makes total sense. And I don’t even mean that some mysterious universal forces will be raining answers onto us, but rather that – in a more mundane way – asking questions puts your brain to work.

As you ask a question, the brain will respond with tuning into things that you asked for or about. But there is more that happens. Your brain will take what is ‘assumed’ in the question to be true and guide you accordingly. A question would make your mind and your emotions respond in a different way, depending on the ‘flavour’ of the question. And the brain will produce different chemicals based on that ‘flavour’.

Let me explain. When you ask certain types of questions, like the ‘why’ questions, there is a part of each of these questions that is ‘assumed to be true’. When you ask ‘what is wrong with me’, you aren’t really asking of things are actually wrong with you or not. You give yourself no chance, because you assume they are. And you are just asking ‘what specifically’. So the brain will help you to find what is wrong over and over again. It will make you notice your faults more.

And if that’s true, what happens when you ask: What can be the worst thing that happens? Or What else can go wrong?

Often, the questions we ask are full of judgment and criticism: Why do I always have to end up with a wrong guy? Why do I always end up in debt? Why can’t I find a soul mate? And the one that tops it all: Why am I so cursed?

And if what Deepak says is true, and the whole universe conspire to show you want is wrong with you, why you are cursed or what can go wrong. No wonder that these question leave you feeling so deeply disempowered – you want things to improve and all you are getting is more of the same or worse.

We often ask the negative questions without even being aware of it. But it doesn’t mean that – with a little bit of effort – we cannot become fully aware and change the programing quite rapidly. If positive change is what you want, maybe it is time to start asking different questions.

You can do this by consciously and deliberately asking some simple questions; how do I want to feel? How does it feel to be at peace? How does it feel to be good to myself? And rather than answering them, just let them hung there, in a question form. And move to the next one. What do I like? What would be the nicest thing I could do today?

If you feel really bold, you can then ask: What is the best thing that can happen today? What could be fun? What can be the most magical thing? Again, don’t try to think of the answers, and if you feel that the answers coming to you are somewhat negative (like, yeah, right, nothing magical comes to me ever!), just move to questions that don’t awaken these negative reactions.

You could ask questions that are about more general things, like your home, family, your life and your friends. Ask about things that are easy to feel good about: What do I like about my home? What do I like about my life? What do I like about my best friend? My children? How does it feel to be at peace? How doe it feel to have a good day? How would it feel to know I will have a good day?

And if you don’t feel good about things, or you had been feeling really down lately, ask questions that are least specific; How doe it feel to be at peace? What would my day feel like if I was okay today? How would it feel to simply be okay and at ease? How would it feel not to try to change things but just relax? How does it feel to relax? How does it feel to be at ease?

I encourage you to do this one thing today, start asking positive questions. Don’t try to find the answers, just throw some good vibe questions out there in the air and watch what happens. And watch where your brain (or the universe) can take you as soon as today. It may knock your socks off in the most amazing ways.