Binge Eating

“You’ve changed my relationship with food! I’m down 4kgs.
I eat dark chocolate every night, I enjoy wine on the weekends and I’ve been eating out about 4x a week without the anxiety around food. Which means my social life is back!
I honestly can’t thank you enough.” (Maddy C.)*

When you are in the midst of the battle with food things may feel really hopeless; the struggle is exhausting and repeated failures hurt. Things seem disappointing, frustrating and you feel trapped. But coming here, on this website, means that you have found the solution. Congratulations.

Binge eating and all the worry can really mess up with your emotional and hormonal balance as well as your immune system. It is expensive and life destroying to be trapped in the repetitive cycle of bingeing and trying to win the battles with food. Worrying about your health, the weight you put on, or the money you spent on extra food, hiding from the world is not how you want to live your life. I also know that you may be reluctant to try something new, for a fear of being disappointed. And there is nothing I could say to convince you, you have to try this for yourself. One thing I know for sure is that you will never look back once you see how easy and effortless the transformation can be.

Over years I have learned a lot about what fuels binge eating and what causes compulsive behaviours. I am clear that behind every one of these behavioural problems is some chronic, backgrounded, emotional discomfort. Or better said, chronic emotional distress that is mild enough to be disregarded but bothersome enough for your mind to seek distraction. Have you noticed the relief that comes after the binge, even though the price is so high and the shame may at times be overwhelming. The relief of the inner tension is still noticeable.

What I focus on in this work is not so much food, body image or strategies to eat less, but core reasons for the distress to be present in the first place. What causes the inner tension? The details differ from person to person, but many general patterns are consistent. Over time, I have developed not just a good understanding of those patterns, but learned to find what these individual issues are. In a session or two, we will get right to the very problem – your individual emotional and cognitive patterning – that creates such tension and emotional discomfort. Don’t let yourself be fooled, the tension you feel is not because of what goes on out there in the world, but what goes on internally, to be specific, what goes on in the conversations you have been having with yourself.

How can Mind Detox program help your binge-eating?

The program combines the most cutting edge transformational coaching techniques with psychological knowledge about human mind, behaviour, motivation and the role emotions play in reactions and behaviours. You will not be asked to do things that are already hard for you to do, rather, we will unpack the reasons for your distress and gently change relevant aspects of your  thinking and emotions.

It will change your life

This is a huge claim, I know, but it is true. Have  you considered that maybe this whole experience of binge eating is an opportunity, as painful as it may feel, to step up to a new way of thinking about yourself and the world around you? That it may be a call to take control over the only thing you can take control of, your emotional wellbeing. What I found is that a shift in thinking that is involved creates more emotional wellbeing in my clients than they have experienced for months, sometimes years. Relationships, work and self-confidence always improve as a result. And as a result, everything changes, in a subtle yet powerful ways.

Benefits of the program

You will

­- stop binge-eating and overeating

– stop obsessing about food

– end emotional roller-coaster

– care less about what others think

– feel confident, enthusiastic and energized

– feel better and look great!

– lose weight and keep it off: no more yo-yo dieting


This is why I invite you to try Mind Detox at NO RISK: Love it or it’s free. Book a session and pay only if you see the benefits and decide to continue, if not, the first session is on me.


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I’ve looked at the bread box several times, and haven’t feel anything inside me wanting to eat it. Yay! Big step there!! I can’t believe how much control I have inside me, I am truly amazed. (txt message sent after a session #2)

Just letting you know that I’m doing really great! No urge to binge eat or throw up since we last met. I’m well aware that the urge might come back but now I feel like I have the tools to overcome it. My future looks bright, my past is not important and I’m working on putting myself first. (email, sent 6 months after finishing the program)

I am not a different person on the outside, but on the inside I have peace and I know I will lose weight slowly because I am in control of my eating. For the first time though it doesn’t matter, I like being me, I have my self-worth back and I don’t need to be different to be happy. Now I eat to live, not live to eat! (binge eating*)


*weight loss results vary from person to person