Binge Eating

Mind Detox program specialises in binge eating, overeating and emotional / stress eating. It is an easy to complete, one on one program that will end your battle with food for good. Just imagine a life without constant obsessing about food or stressing about the extra weight, a life where you can enjoy a meal out and an occasional treat and not feel the compulsion to eat yourself into feeling sick. This is what my clients receive at the end of the program; freedom from obsessing, worrying and battling with food, weight and guilt. As a bonus, they feel better and more in control than ever before.

I have been delivering this program for over a decade. With experience I learned how to resolve the cognitive and emotional patterns in binge eating even faster and many of my clients get lasting results in just a handful of sessions. Working with 100s (most likely 1000s!) of clients over years, in Adelaide and Melbourne, I can confidently say that anyone who walks through my door and is ready to give away the roller coaster of yo-yoing, bingeing, dieting and battling food, will be able to achieve it. No matter how ‘bad’ they think they are (and most of my clients believe their case is more difficult that others).

What makes this approach different from many other services dealing with eating disorders and weight loss comes down to a couple of factors. First of all, the ‘techniques’ I learned from transformational coaching courses work brilliantly to reprogram cognitive patterns and the deep seated emotional conflicts specific to binge eating. Resolving those helps to stop the behaviour quite easily, something that surprises many of my clients. And yet, it is really quite simple; once those subconscious patterns and conflicts are gone, the very reason for bingeing and overeating disappears.  These underlying conflicts cause ongoing stress in the body, and it is this background tension that makes one use food for comfort. Once the tension is gone, the need to binge is gone too. Simple and easy.

In order to resolve these tensions, it is necessary to do more than just talk about the problem. If your car is not working well, you wouldn’t just talk to your car mechanic, you want them to apply their skills and use the tools to fix it. To resolve binge eating and overeating it is necessary to not only talk about what brings it about about but also use hands-on tools to ‘fix’ these unwanted cognitive conflicts. Understanding the way the mind works and using such powerful cognitive tools makes the recovery much easier by helping to change the subconscious patterns that drive behaviours.

But there is one more reason why this program stands above all other approaches; it is many years of professional experience with this particular condition that I bring into each and every session. Some of my clients tell me that it feels to them as if I was reading their minds. But there is no magic in it, just lots of experience. The hours I spent treating, teaching, writing and thinking about the topic add to many more than 10 000 (remember Gladwell’s tipping point to success?). These long hours helped me understand the condition really, really well and inspired me to develop some very specific tools.

This program will change your life

This is a huge claim, I know, but it is true. Have  you considered that maybe this whole experience of binge eating is an opportunity, as painful as it may feel at the moment, to step up to a new way of thinking about yourself and the world around you? That it may be a call to take control over the only thing you can take control of, your emotional wellbeing. What I found is that a shift in thinking at a subconscious level creates more emotional wellbeing in my clients than they have experienced for months, sometimes years. Relationships, work and self-confidence always improve as a result. And as a result, everything changes, in a subtle yet powerful ways.

Benefits of the program

You will

­- end binge-eating or overeating

– stop obsessing about food

– end emotional roller-coaster

– care less about what others think

– feel confident, enthusiastic and energized

– feel better and look great!

– lose weight and keep it off: no more yo-yo dieting

“You’ve changed my relationship with food! I’m down 4kgs.
I eat dark chocolate every night, I enjoy wine on the weekends and I’ve been eating out about 4x a week without the anxiety around food. Which means my social life is back!
I honestly can’t thank you enough.” (Maddy C.)*

This is why I invite you to try Mind Detox as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.  But whatever you decide, bookmark this page for future reference!

Read what others say about their experience.

UPDATE: If you are struggling with binge eating more than ever, because of the general anxiety and uncertainty ‘in the air’, don’t despair, you are not alone. Many people are currently experiencing heightened anxiety and stress. Please read below how I can help you, or read more about stress here.

Also note that I am set up to deliver some or all of the consultations via Skype, FaceTime or phone, if the pandemic gets worse. Either way, I’ve got you covered!


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I’ve looked at the bread box several times, and haven’t feel anything inside me wanting to eat it. Yay! Big step there!! I can’t believe how much control I have inside me, I am truly amazed. (txt message sent after a session #2)

Just letting you know that I’m doing really great! No urge to binge eat or throw up since we last met. I’m well aware that the urge might come back but now I feel like I have the tools to overcome it. My future looks bright, my past is not important and I’m working on putting myself first. (email, sent 6 months after finishing the program)

I am not a different person on the outside, but on the inside I have peace and I know I will lose weight slowly because I am in control of my eating. For the first time though it doesn’t matter, I like being me, I have my self-worth back and I don’t need to be different to be happy. Now I eat to live, not live to eat! (binge eating*)


*this testimonial reflects one client’s experience; the weight loss differ from person to person and depends on a number of factors. However, it has been a common experience of my clients to lose weight when they gain the control over what and how much they eat.