Thank you, I feel freer and more peaceful than I have for years! I feel ‘detoxed’ from the need to worry and overanalyse everything and life is so much more enjoyable now. I have been overflowing with love for my children, and my family, and it has been so nice to spend time with them without this constant worry. (Anya, anxiety)


Just talking about the anxious panicky feeling that is tightening your stomach and suffocating you, that makes you edgy and restless, that stops you from sleeping or focusing or even remembering things, just talking about it is never a solution. To truly move forward with your life and leave the fear behind, you need tools to go deeper into your psyche and explore and change what is causing the problem. The mind is tricky and can play hide and seek with its owner, so unless you work with someone who knows how to create a real change and lasting positive results, nothing will ever get better.

If you are sick and tired of being boxed by fear, my Mind Detox program may be exactly what you’re looking for. Doing this program will change how you feel and how you think. You will change negative self-talk and transform emotional habits that hold you back from enjoying a more relaxed life. You will also discover the core reason for your anxiety. And, even more importantly, you will be able to move forward in life, with ease and excitement.

What does it take to stop?

Anxiety can be very crippling and frustrating. One moment you feel great and then suddenly you feel fearful, uncertain or paralysed by panic. At times it seems to come from nowhere, other times you may be aware that your analytical thinking is a big part of it; trying to ‘figure it out in your head’ will make things worse.

Even trying to relax and do some breathing exercises can make things worse!

Your body responds with sensations to thoughts that you think. But how do you change the thoughts? After all, million of thoughts a day is not something you can easily navigate or change. And that’s okay, because you don’t have to.

There is another way to change your thinking without trying to change one thought at a time. It is through changing emotions, beliefs, cognitive habits and subconscious patterns, through changing mental narratives and perspective that you can change what causes your anxiety. But to overcome a blind spot that we have with subconscious patterns, you may need some help.

Self-mastery, not fear

I would like to ask you to think of anxiety not as mental illness or a crippling habit, but rather as a challenge, or better yet, as a call to greater mastery over your life. If there is one important thing that I had learned from my clients it is this; underneath the fearful response, there is a strong desire to feel in control your own mind and emotions, to own your life and to shape it to your liking.

This is why rather than teach you how to ‘manage anxiety’, I will help you to create grater sense of cognitive and emotional mastery. It means we will first resolve the blocks that hold you back and many confusing beliefs (or programming) that makes you fearful and scattered. And eventually you will recognise how much power you actually have over your mind.

I know with great certainty that many sensitive and strong minded people are affected by anxiety. Not because of this sensitivity, but because of high expectations of themselves. The internal motivations and strategies (like self-critical, self-analytical tendency) you use to ‘be the person you want to be’ are working against you rather than for you. Even self-development, if not done properly, can result in anxiety.

If you feel uncertainty or regrets, if you feel like your mind doesn’t want to shut up and thinking feels like torture, if you feel out of control with how you feel, MIND DETOX program will help you get back on track. I will work hard to reprogram your automatic ‘activities’ in the mind (thoughts, beliefs, narratives) and the body sensations, so you can start experiencing peace of mind as soon as tomorrow.

And if you decide Mind Detox is not for you, no hard feelings. There is nothing worse for me that try to work with someone who resists it. On the other hand, I know how much my clients appreciate the relief they feel and the understanding they generate while working with me. If there is anything they tell me they regret is not doing this sooner.

Try it at no risk

I invite you to try it. Rather than write a long post here, trying to explain everything, I encourage you to book a session and see for yourself. Experience the Mind Detox program first hand and see if it can help you. If you decide it is not for you, I will not even charge you for the session.

But you may discover something extraordinary. You may discover the capacity within you to have more peace and more joy than ever before, to be able to bring back the old feeling of carefree and happy, to be able to move forward without agony and live with greater confidence.

This program works by resolving the following:

  • Emotional turmoil that feeds your anxiety
  • Self-talk that is the true reason you feel paralysed
  • The core problem – what is really behind the fear that makes it feel so traumatic
  • Old beliefs and traumas that are blocking your growth

The program will help you to

  • Re-programs your mind to think differently and view things in a much more positive way
  • Slow down mind chatter and the need to analyse everything
  • Feel more confident and positive about yourself
  • Feel more masterful and in control of your life
  • Take charge of your thoughts and your emotions
  • Increase your peace of mind, confidence, and self-worth
  • Feel freer and lighter and more excited about the future
  • To become who you want to be

The program focuses on is something that is at the core of your condition – gaining greater mastery over your own life and more control over your emotions.

If you are ready for this change, contact me or fill out the form below



What others are saying

Hi Dorota, thanks to your work wedding was a big success. I am feeling much better now and confidence if growing daily. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for you and your work, so many thanks! (anxiety*)

I came to see Dorota when I was searching for solutions of how to deal with my anxiety and anger and to refocus on what I wanted to achieve in the future. After a few sessions, I felt notably uplifted and now I don’t really get anxious and can use my ‘anger’ more positively. I also feel more confident in myself and motivated to do many new things without any fear. (anxiety*)

disclaimer: *while these endorsements represent actual as well as typical experiences, the results may vary from person to person