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Detox Your Mind to Stop Binge Eating and Emotional Eating

Binge eating is not a disorder. Emotional eating is not an illness.

Binge eating doesn’t need medication.

There is a way to re-gain control of what you eat. A profoundly transformative way. So simple it is often ignored.

What you are doing today is not because of what you felt or did years ago. Your behaviours today are only because of what you think and feel today.

What happened years ago cannot be changed. But what you feel and think today, can.

I have worked with binge eaters and emotional eaters for over a decade, changing life of 100s of people. The one-on-one Mind Detox program is the easiest way do stop bingeing and overeating. And to control your weight and your appetite for life.

Mind Detox is a process where the thinking, even the deepest and subconscious patterns, change in a positive way. The change is quickly translated into improved behaviours and more self-control.

Gaining control of eating starts with getting back in control of emotions and the mind’s chatter. It means resolving whatever is fuelling the overeating habits.

This cannot be done by merely talking about what goes on in the head. You wouldn’t go to your car mechanic and just talk about what is wrong, you would expect the problem to be fixed. You would expect the mechanic find out what is wrong, suggest a solution and then get on with the work.

Maybe you are aware of what you should be thinking, or should be doing, but you end up doing what you have always done. As if food had some power over you! Those behaviours seems almost impossible to change, when you try to change them on your own.

Today, when a person walks into my office, I know I can help them to gain control over their eating habits or any compulsive behaviours. Over the last decade, I gained a lot of expertise on this topic. I am currently writing a book about my work, to share my professional experience.

Ten years ago it took six or more sessions for me to help someone change overeating and binge eating behaviours, but I work much faster today. With experience, I learned to understand binge eating really well and developed techniques and exercises that are specifically honed to this problem. Said that, some of my clients choose to work with me for longer, resolving work, relationship and other difficulties, until they reach greater clarity and feel happier and more confident in all areas of their life.

If you want to read a bit more about binge eating, something I wrote a few years back,  you will find it here.

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