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Detoxing My Mind? What is it and why should I do it?

The secret lies not in adding more habits or trying harder, but in eliminating whatever holds you back.

What does it mean?
Detoxing your mind means clearing your mind of all the unwanted burdens, limiting beliefs, habitual ways of thinking, negative, critical self-talk and everything – thoughts, views and habits – that keeps you trapped, stuck and without control over your life.

What happens when you detox your mind?
Many good things happen really quickly when you clear negative habits from your thinking and emotions.

First of all you will feel lighter, clearer and understand yourself better.
Second, you will give MUCH less attention to what others think of you.
Third, negative behaviours and habits will drop off EASILY.
Fourth, you will develop POSITIVE habits that support you better.
Fifth, your emotions will be more stable and you will feel much HAPPIER.
Sixth, synchronicities, opportunities and good things will happen.

If you struggle with anxiety, feeling stuck, overeating and gaining weight easily, if you eat emotionally and feel bad about yourself, or if you just need a solid boost of confidence – Detoxing Your Mind will help you with all of this and more.

What is involved?
Detoxing means letting the toxins out and in this case, detoxing your mind means letting go of all the unwanted emotions, thoughts, beliefs, views, and ways of perceiving things that have been holding you back.

In practice, it means I will be helping you to think and feel differently about everything, but most importantly about yourself. Mind Detox uses powerful mind-re-programing techniques to change the inner landscape of your mind. The results will blow your socks off! I promise.

So what should I do?
I encourage you to come and do a session and see for yourself. The experience differs from person to person as it is tailor made for each individual. We all deal with different things. You will see the results straight away.

The more you clear, the better it gets. But even stubborn habits like binge eating tend to disappear after 3-6 sessions. The secret lies not in adding more habits or trying harder, but in clearing whatever holds you back. Because you are naturally confident and happy. It is that you are just doing things internally (in your head) that disconnect you from your natural state. At one stage you have learned those things so now you can unlearn them.

What to expect?
In general, people feel happier, more confident (much more confident!), clearer about their future directions, lighter and more energetic, more motivated and inspired. Many women find relationships they wanted, others feel a satisfying peace of mind after struggling wit anxiety or insomnia, they find clarity about their career and what steps they need to take. There are many ‘miracles’ happening to my clients, simply because their thinking changed.

The good life starts when you stop doing things that hinder you. When you detox your mind from unwanted burdens your life will blossom.

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