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About Dorota

Hi, I am the person behind Mind Detox. My name is Dorota. I was born in Poland and came to Australia as a young woman. My first work here was in a woman’s shelter, as a case worker. I worked there, helping women, while studying psychology.

After finishing my PhD I worked at university doing research and teaching. As much as I loved the research and teaching work, I missed working directly with these who wanted to turn their lives around. So I decided to turn my life around and let myself do what I wanted to do – guide others through personal transformations.

I have experienced such transformations in my own life’s several times, with the help of powerful healers and coaches, and I knew what was possible. Psychology never really gave me the skills I believed are necessary to achieve this and so I studied coaching techniques like NLP or conversational hypnosis, and read and listened to what other coaches have to say. Eventually I had to bite the bullet and start my own practice.

I have started my therapy/coaching career about 12 years ago and, to be completely honest, I love my work and my life today. It wasn’t always a smooth ride, especially at the beginning  of this phase of my life when I felt quite unsure of my skills. But over time, working with 100s of clients, I began to understand more about how we work. I started noticing patterns in thinking as well as emotional habits that fuel anxiety, depression or binge eating. Despite some challenges, I am endlessly grateful for opportunities doing this work presented to me and to my clients.

I see results every day and I am humbled by the power of the human mind. If you don’t believe you can be happy and achieve things that are important to you, or that you can stop self-sabotaging it is your ‘programming’ talking. If you believe things will never get better or that maybe it works for others but it would never work for you, it is still your programming talking. What I have witnessed in my office so many times speaks a different story; everyone can recover, everyone can get better, everyone can feel good about life and themselves.

Wishing you all the best,

Dorota Pomagalska, Ph.D