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About Dorota

Hi, I am the person behind Mind Detox. My name is Dorota Pomagalska. I was born in Poland and came to Australia as a young woman. My first work here was in a woman’s shelter, as a case worker. I worked empowering women while studies psychology.

After finishing my PhD I worked at university doing research and teaching. As much as I loved the research and teaching work, I missed helping people. I missed working directly with these who wanted to turn their lives around.

So I decided to turn my life around and let myself do what I was born to do – guide others through personal transformations…

I have started my therapy/coaching career over 8 years ago and, to be completely honest, I love my work and my life today. Even though, at the beginning of this phase of my life, I felt quite unsure of my skills, I developed techniques that work and today I am confident in my skills. Studying hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming gave me skills that psychology failed to provide and helped me to create my current program.

I see results every day and I am humbled by the power of the human mind. If you don’t believe you can reach the stars, it is your ‘programming’ talking not your true self. Because what I witness in my office every day speaks a different story. A story of our untapped power to be much much more…

Wishing you all the best,

Dorota Pomagalska, Ph.D