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It seems so easy to write about what I do, but when I have to write about myself, I freeze. So this page has been a great challenge, and I am not quite sure why. In a world of social media, writing about myself should not be a problem, right? I know it is the right thing to do, after all you may want to know who I am before you come and trust me with your life, and yet… I am not quite sure where to start.

As I am pondering this, my thinking on overdrive, while an email comes through. It is from my reception telling me that one of my yesterday’s client have just rang and left a message for me. “He says he got up today feeling SO HAPPY he could POP!” It makes my heart sing, of course, and makes my day. The appreciation from my clients is what makes me love what I do (yeah, I know, it sounds corny).

Potential clients often ask me how could they be sure that what I do works, or that it would work for them, and I understand their apprehension. But for me this is no brainer. I can’t even imagine how anyone could work with people that desperately need help, have no results and love their work. Can you?

Today, my life is incredible and getting better. But it was not always like that. I used to be stressed, and tense and anxious and even slightly depressed at one stage. I was overworked, insecure and quite unkind to myself. And today, it all seems like a bad dream, or some strange life a long time ago. I was lucky to overcome most of it with help of amazing – and alternative – practitioners and healers. But it wasn’t until I understood the workings of the mind (and especially emotion) and until I made a commitment to myself – to simply be happy – that I was able to really move forward. And this wasn’t until quite recently.

And so today I feel (mostly) at peace and generally in love with life. And in the moments when I don’t (we al have them) I try to do something about i. It is hard for me now to tolerate feeling anxious or upset; even a small upset feels awful. I have a bag of tools that I can use to change how I feel, and if everything else fails I just repeat to myself, it is only temporary and everything always works out for me. Polyann-ish? Maybe. But it works. Happiness (you could call it contentment), as well as self-love take lifetime to practice, but it is a worthwhile goal.

20 years ago, when I migrated to Australia from Poland, I started working with people as a counsellor or a case-worker. Even though back in Poland I was trained to be an artist, I felt that art could only satisfy a part of me, so it become a hobby. Maybe relocating here changed me? But working with people was so much fun, and a good antidote to being at home alone and painting. And the more I engaged with people, the more I was drawn to psychology. So eventually I decided to do something about it…

Even though doing something about it involved redoing the whole undergraduate degree as a mature age student and a migrant with a very imperfect English back then. I remember writing an essay in my first year exam and using the word ‘suggest’ about hundred times, because I could not remember how to say it differently. Despite this and other shortcomings, I managed to earn a scholarship to do postgraduate study and I chose what I wanted to learn; what is it that makes us feel and behave the way we do.

Choosing to make a PhD and explore these things made me an academic rather than a clinician. For a while. But the dream of being useful and having more hands on experience with people made me quit academia and go back to working one-on-one with those who needed my help. I had theory and logical understandings but I also needed tools. I was open minded and learnt techniques form so called Neurolinguistic Programming. At that time, I have also become interested in emotions and started understanding the logic of why we feel the way we feel.

During that time, I also listened to endless CDs and read endless books about spiritual teachings, delved into law of attraction teachings, read about forgiveness, self-love and clearing emotions. I feel in love with Deepak and Candace Pert, Candace especially helped me to understand the subconscious and the emotions much better. I started believing that things are possible. Not only for me, but for others too. And I started to see more and more clearly how important emotions are in healing and how incapable psychology is to deal with them still. Well, they are hard to research after all.

Eventually I set out to start my practice. I am forever grateful to people and circumstances that worked my way in supporting me through this journey. To my early clients that trusted me and let me help them. One of my very first clients had alcohol addiction and she is till my greatest supporter. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Today I know so much more! And I am so much better at what I do. Most of what I know today I have learnt from my clients. And to every single one of them I am forever grateful.

Recently, I have started working on a couple of books. One has to do with emotions and the importance of understanding and dealing with negative emotions effectively. But also about the power to change and our own ability to turn our lives around in as little as 30 days. The second book will talk about what I have learnt about binge eating. It is becoming more and more common today for people to feel out of control in regards to food. Once we understand that food has no power other than what we give it, and learn how to take the power back, we are free.

Wishing you contentment and wellbeing and looking forward to meeting you.




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